Friday, July 1, 2011


1. Loyalty
Wenger has been in demand from top European clubs, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, ever since his first title success in 1998. It is a measure of the man that he has never even come close to leaving north London, for bigger riches. Yes, Arsenal have helped his career just as much as he has helped the Gunners but the Emirates fans need to show the manager the same loyalty he has shown the club.

2. Made the club successful

It may be seven years Arsenal supporters will wait to see silverware back at the club but do they remember the lean periods before that. Wenger has won seven trophies in his time as boss and, with the possible exception of Herbert Chapman, the greatest manager in the history of the club. In these seven barren years Wenger has had to cope with foreign billionaires buying all the top players at extortionate prices but has still consistently entered the Champions League (and done well) and made three cup finals. Ask a Tottenham fan if they would take the success Wenger has brought to Arsenal

3. Great football

Great football may not win trophies but it helps on two levels. Firstly it entertains fans when they watch the games. Secondly rival clubs are jealous. Roman Abramovich is desperate to combine his trophies with attractive football at Chelsea. Arsenal have it in abundance. Even in Wenger’s early years he played attractive football. The days of ‘boring, boring Arsenal’ are long gone and the Frenchman deserves that credit

4. Nearly has a great team

Arsenal do have a few flaws but Wenger so nearly has it right. The Gunners lost their bottle in February but up to then they were on course for an unprecedented quadruple. Last season they had progressed from the season before. The record against the big four in England in 2009/10 was bettered the following year, with wins against Manchester United and Chelsea. Remember Arsenal did beat Barcelona at home and could have progressed if Robin Van Persie was not sent off and Nicklas Bendtner had a first touch. Manchester United never came that close

5. No David Dein

Since Dein has left the club, Arsenal have not won a trophy. The relationship between him and Wenger was so important to the Arsenal success in the late nineties and early noughties. If Wenger needed a player, Dein would get it sorted. If Wenger was not happy with something, Dein would fix it. When the vice-chairman left it put too much added responsibility onto Wenger’s shoulders. Until Ivan Gazidis came to the club this never changed. Gazidis is doing a good job but he does not have the same connections as Dein. But time has to be given to let them settle in.

6. Ability to bring through youngsters

Wenger has always been ahead of his time. When he arrived in 1996 he changed the shape of English football by introducing healthy diets and sports science. Sir Alex Ferguson realised this and changed his methods. Years later, Fergie was at it again copying Wenger’s style of buying youngsters and developing them. Now every team in the world places an emphasis on youth development

7. Made club sustainable

With Uefa’s fair play rules soon coming in, sustainability is key for every club. Once again Wenger was ahead of his time. Arsenal are one of the few clubs that actually make a profit and that is thanks to he Frenchman’s foresightedness. But it is not just the financial aspect that he has made sustainable. If Wenger was sacked tomorrow, his replacement would be able to call upon Premier League class players for the next 15 to 20 years, without dipping into a chequebook

8. Little financial backing

Due to the building of the magnificent Emirates stadium, it is obvious money has not been as free as at other clubs. The board said money was available but Wenger realised there was no value for the cash. But now, with Arsenal being debt free and in a strong financial position he can afford to spend that little extra. Time has now to be given for him to do this and judge him on these results before giving him the axe

9. Made global brand

Arsenal fans be honest: outside of Britain who would have heard of the club before Wenger took over. Even less people would associate them with being a great English side and this is what Wenger has achieved. The Frenchman may have been reluctant to go on overseas money-spinning tour (which he has since changed his mind over) but the global acknowledgement Arsenal now has can be traced back to Wenger. He has built a cult status around the club. People will travel from around the world to watch the Gunners and people will tune into the TVs to admire Arsenal’s style of play

10. Deserves time

With all that Wenger has given and produced for Arsenal he deserves the time to see his plans come to fruition. He has built the club into a successful franchise, maybe with no trophies at the moment – but neither does Liverpool. He has built a fantastic youthful side, with financial restrictions, and deserves the chance to lead this team to greatness.


Samir Nasri
Bosi wa Man City Roberto Mancini anafikiria kumnyakua Samir Nasri kutoka Arsenal baada ya jitihada za kumnyakua Alexis Sanchez kukwama. Mancini anajiandaa kumpa ofa ya paundi milioni 20 na mshahara wa paundi 180,000 kwa wiki, akiwa na matumaini kuwa Nasri atashawishika na ofa hii baada ya kuachana na mpango wa kuhamia Man United.
Wenger ameshakata tamaa kumbakisha Nasri Emirates huku akiwa bado ana mkataba wa mwaka mmoja,wakati huohuo Fabrigas akihusishwa na mpango wa kwenda Barcelona.Man united bado wanamfuatilia kwa karibu Nasri huku yeye akiwa tayari ameshafanya mazungumzo na Man City.