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James Franco plays a scientist who inadvertently creates a Chimp Guevara.

Details Release Date: Aug 05, 2011; Genres: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi and Fantasy; With: James Franco; Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

More than 40 years ago, Charlton Heston pounded the sands of Point Dume and bemoaned the folly of humankind, shouting, ''You maniacs! You blew it up!'' But in the 2011 prequel Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the world ends instead with a rebellion. Coming off his controversial Oscar-hosting gig, James Franco plays a scientist whose genetically enhanced subject, Caesar (Andy Serkis, who did similar motion-capture work as King Kong in Peter Jackson's 2005 film), tires of his shabby treatment and transforms into a sort of Chimp Guevara, a revolutionary who prompts the world's apes to overthrow their human oppressors. The apes haven't fully evolved into humanoids, so the film depicts them with CGI rather than the franchise's trademark makeup. ''Because effects have gotten so good,'' says Franco of acting with a motion-capped Serkis, ''it's like working opposite an actual chimp, but with all the best instincts of an actor.''
Caesar's uprising starts off small, as he directs his captive brethren to flee the research facility. ''It becomes in many ways like an escape movie,'' says director Rupert Wyatt, who would know, having directed 2009's The Escapist. Along the way, Caesar enlists the help of Maurice, an orangutan who knows sign language, and a big bruiser of a chimp named Rocket. ''They all have very distinctive looks and qualities to them,'' says Wyatt. ''It's an A-Team of apes.'' —Keith Staskiewicz

An R-rated body-swap movie with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.

Release Date: Aug 05, 2011; Genre: Comedy; With: Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds; Distributor: Universal Pictures.

Jason Bateman knows what you're thinking. Another body-swapping movie? Really? He had precisely that reaction too. ''But in the same sentence that I was told what the movie is about,'' he recalls, ''they said, 'But the guys who wrote The Hangover wrote it, and the guy who directed Wedding Crashers is directing it.' And I thought, 'Ah, I get it.' Because no one's ever done the R-rated version of that story.'' Well, they have now. Instead of family-friendly mother-daughter high jinks, the mischief involves a womanizing bachelor (Ryan Reynolds) who trades bodies with his married pal (Bateman) — and may even get it on with his pal's wife. ''They each covet the other person's life,'' says Reynolds. What's the cause of the magical swap? ''As you typically do when you switch bodies with your best buddy, we were pissing in a fountain that happened to contain mystical powers,'' he says. ''It's preposterous. It's just the stupidest thing ever, but it's all in the execution.'' For Bateman, who's made a career out of playing responsible, put-upon heroes, The Change-Up offers an opportunity to channel his rowdier side. ''I remember that guy from my 20s,'' he says. ''I just had to dust him off a little bit and away we went.'' And what was it like to essentially play Ryan Reynolds in a movie? ''Never have I felt prettier.'' —Dave Karger

The beloved novel about early-1960s Mississippi gets the cinematic treatment.

Release Date: Aug 12, 2011; Rated: PG-13; Genre: Drama; With: Emma Stone; Distributor: Wal Disney Pictures.

Emma Stone's mother, like many moms across America, is an enormous fan of The Help, Kathryn Stockett's beloved 2009 novel about African-American maids in early-1960s Mississippi and the white families who depend on them. So when Stone, who'd never read the book, called home last year with the news that she was going to meet the director of some movie called The Help, her mother exploded with glee. ''She screamed in my ear,'' says the young actress, ''and proceeded to tell me that 'Oh my God, this is the most unbelievable thing that's ever happened to you! Do you realize the weight of this?!'''
That evening, Stone, armed with an email from her mother summarizing the book, walked into the bar of Manhattan's Four Seasons restaurant to see director Tate Taylor. Taylor, for his part, had someone very specific in mind for the role of frazzle-haired Skeeter, the gawky college graduate who starts secretly interviewing a few brave women about their fraught experiences with their white employers. ''My prototype was loosely based on Joan Cusack at 22,'' he says. ''To me that was Skeeter.''
Within minutes of meeting Stone, Taylor knew he had found just the woman for the role. ''Emma was completely awkward and dorky, with her raspy voice,'' he says, ''and she sat down and we got a little intoxicated and had a blast, and I just thought, 'God! God! This is Skeeter.''' The next time they went out for drinks, Stockett, Taylor's best friend since kindergarten, came along and gave her blessing to the casting choice as well.
Stockett and Taylor grew up together in Jackson, Miss., and were themselves cared for and loved by black housekeepers. (Carol Lee, the woman who helped raise Taylor, has a small role in the film.) Taylor was one of the first people to read Stockett's manuscript for the book and even optioned the film rights before publication. Stockett had decided that Taylor — whose last directorial effort, 2009's Pretty Ugly People, grossed less than $7,000 at the box office — was the only person who could properly adapt a screenplay and direct a movie version. ''Then the book came out,'' remembers Taylor, ''and all the sharks of Hollywood were like, 'Oh my God, we want the rights!' But Kathryn called me and was like, 'F--- 'em all, we're doing it!'''
From that call on, the stars have literally aligned for Taylor. Joining Stone in the cast is a deep bench of talent. Viola Davis plays stoic maid Aibileen; Cicely Tyson plays Skeeter's childhood maid Constantine, now mysteriously absent; Allison Janney plays Skeeter's rigid mother; and Sissy Spacek plays the mother of Skeeter's even more uptight society friend, Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard). And then there's Octavia Spencer, who plays the tart-tongued maid Minny. Though the studio pushed hard for Taylor to cast a bigger name in that showy role, the director fought hard for Spencer, whom he'd met when they were both working as production assistants on 1996's A Time to Kill. (Later, the fast friends would go on to share an apartment in L.A. for four years.) In fact, the character of Minny was partly based on Spencer, whom Stockett had met through Taylor. ''She is Minny,'' Taylor says.
The director went yet another round with the studio in order to shoot The Help in his home state. ''We dumped, like, 17 million bucks into a very poor county in Mississippi,'' he says proudly. ''This movie is magical. I've already prepared myself that this whole experience is once in a lifetime.'' —Karen Valby.

A twisty crime comedy starring Danny McBride, Jesse Eisenberg, and Aziz Ansari.

 Release Date: Aug 12, 2011; Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy; With: Jesse Eisenberg and Danny McBride; Distributor: Columbia Pictures.

See if you can follow this: A dim-witted goon named Dwayne (Danny McBride) needs money to hire a hitman (Michael Peña) to knock off his dad (Fred Ward), who's about to piss away the family fortune he won in a lottery jackpot. So Dwayne straps a bomb onto Nick (Jesse Eisenberg), an unsuspecting pizza-delivery guy, and forces him to rob a bank. Still with us? According to director Ruben Fleischer, the zany, curlicue plot of 30 Minutes or Less is the key to its appeal. ''It's not the first-ever bank-heist movie, but at the same time it's not predictable,'' he says. ''Just when you think you know where it's headed, it goes in a different direction.''
Some of those directions lead Eisenberg's Everydude to finally confront his own unrealized goals, including a romance with the sister (Dilshad Vadsaria) of his best friend (Aziz Ansari). ''My character spends the first 25 years of his life being lazy, and then one day making up for it,'' says Eisenberg, who appeared in Fleischer's 2009 movie, Zombieland. ''He has this extreme experience and uses that day to correct all the mistakes he's made.''
30 Minutes also let Eisenberg realize one of his secret goals — working with comic Nick Swardson (Just Go With It), who plays McBride's partner in crime. ''I've had a head shot of Nick up in my bedroom since I was 14,'' admits Eisenberg. ''I saw him on a TV show called Make Me Laugh. I watched it over and over and memorized his stand-up comedy.'' So how did Swardson react when Eisenberg shared his fan behavior? ''Nick was very, um, flattered and very sweet. And creeped out.'' —Adam Markovitz

Jason Momoa steps in for Schwarzenegger in this reboot.

Details Release Date: Aug 19, 2011; Genres: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi and Fantasy; With: Rose McGown and Jason Momoa; Distributor: Lionsgate.
How do you outdo Arnold Schwarzenegger as the sword-swinging, leather-thonged Cimmerian? For advice, director Marcus Nispel turned to John Milius, who helmed the 1982 original and suggested he start his search in Iraq. ''So we actually looked in Iraq,'' says Nispel. ''We looked in Russia. We looked everywhere. Then we found Jason [Momoa, of Stargate Atlantis] in California literally four minutes from where I live.'' Seems that big-screen barbarians are always in the last place you look. —Keith Staskiewicz.

Oprah Winfrey, James Earl Jones, and Dick Smith to receive honorary Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that Oprah Winfrey will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at this year’s Governors Awards ceremony, while actor James Earl Jones and makeup artist Dick Smith will receive honorary Oscars.
Winfrey, a past Best Supporting Actress nominee for 1985′s The Color Purple, is the first Jean Hersholt award winner since Jerry Lewis in 2008. Jones, meanwhile, has earned one Oscar nomination in his long career, for Best Actor for 1970′s The Great White Hope. And Smith is a past Best Makeup winner for 1984′s Amadeus who also worked on The Godfather and Taxi Driver. The awards will be presented at the Governors Awards ceremony on November 12.


Rais Barrack Obama akiwa na mkewe Michelle pamoja na watoto wao,Sasha 10 na Malia 13 wakifuatilia mechi ya Fainali ya kombe la dunia la wanawake ambapo Marekani ilikuwa ikicheza.

Rais Obama na familia yake, mkewe Michelle na mabinti zake Sasha na Malia wakiwasili katika kanisa la Mt John wakikatiza katika mitaa ya Washington D.C wakitokea ikulu.

Rais Obama akimuangalia binti yake Sasha akimsalimia Rais wa China Hu Jintao kabla ya hafla ya chakula cha usiku.

Wakati Obama na Michelle wakisaidiana kusoma hadithi za watoto kwa sauti,mabinti zao Sasha na Malia wamekaa pembeni wakiwasikiliza, ilikuwa tarehe 25 aprili ambapo huadhimisha siku ijulikanayo kama White House's annual Easter egg roll.

Rais Obama,Sasha na Malia wakimsuprise Michelle Obama katika siku yake ya kuzaliwa alipotimiza miaka 47 katika shule ya Stuart Hobson Middle School in Washington, D.C. ambapo obama alitoa mkono kwa heshima katika siku ya Martin Luther King jr.

Rais Obama na binti yake Malia wakipata ice cream huko Kailua,Hawaii.

Rais Obama na familia yake wakishiriki kuimba nyimbo siku ya Christmas mwaka jana

Rais Obama na binti yake Sasha wakijiachia katika fukwe za Gulf

Sasha akimsaidia baba yake kusalimia askari wa anga wa Panama

Rais Obama na binti yake wakitabasamu wakati wakiangalia mechi ya mpirea wa kikapu kati ya Washington Mystics na Tulsa Shock jijini Washington


Mussa Hassan "Mgossi"
MSHAMBULIAJI Mussa Mgosi amesema kuwa, alipata mapokezi ya kifalme alipotua kwenye timu yake mpya ya DC Motema Pembe ya DR Congo.

Mshambuliaji huyo aliuzwa na Simba ya jijini Dar es Salaam kwenda kwenye kikosi hicho kinachoshiriki Ligi Kuu ya Congo hivi karibuni.

Akizungumza na Championi Jumatano, Mgosi alisema kuwa, kupata nafasi katika klabu ya Motema Pembe siyo mwisho wake, hivyo anahitaji kuongeza juhudi zaidi ili aweze kusonga mbele kisoka.

“Kwa kweli mapokezi niliyopata yamenifurahisha sana, viongozi pamoja na mashabiki wameonyesha kuwa wananihitaji klabuni kwao, walinipokea vizuri kama mfalme.

“Nafasi hii ni adimu sana, kwani siku zote malengo yangu yalikuwa kucheza nje ya nchi na sasa naona safari imeanza.
“Cha msingi ni kuongeza juhudi katika kufanya mazoezi ili kiwango kiendelee kuwa juu.
“Naamini kuwa, nikiongeza juhudi nitakuwa bora zaidi ya hapa na nitapata nafasi ya kucheza kwenye timu kubwa zaidi ya hii,” alisema Mgosi baba wa watoto wawili.

Mgosi amesajiliwa na Motema Pembe hivi karibuni kwa kitita cha dola 15,000 (zaidi ya shilingi milioni 20), sasa yupo hapa nchini akijiandaa kukamilisha baadhi ya mambo yake kabla hajarejea Congo kuanza kazi.



SHIRIKISHO la Soka Tanzania (TFF) limetangaza rasmi ratiba ya Ligi Kuu ya Vodacom msimu wa 2011/2012 huku mechi ya Simba na Yanga ikitarajiwa kupigwa Oktoba 29 kwenye Uwanja wa Taifa jijini Dar es Salaam.
Ratiba hiyo ilitangazwa jana na Ofisa Habari wa shirikisho hilo, Boniface Wambura ambaye alisema ligi hiyo itaanza Agosti 20, mwaka huu lakini Simba na Yanga zitaingia uwanjani Agosti 21.

Alisema kuwa mchezo wa kwanza wa ligi kwa Simba utakuwa dhidi ya JKT Oljoro kwenye Uwanja wa Sheikh Amri Abeid jijini Arusha, huku Yanga ikianza kwa kuvaana na JKT Ruvu kwenye Uwanja wa Taifa, Dar es Salaam.
“Mechi ya watani wa jadi Simba na Yanga itakuwa Oktoba 29 kwenye Uwanja wa Taifa Jijini Dar es Salaam ambapo Yanga ndiyo itakuwa mwenyeji katika mchezo huo wa kwanza.

“Mchezo mwingine wa Simba na Yanga utakuwa Aprili Mosi mwakani, uwanja ambao mchezo huu utapigwa utajulikana baadaye kwa kuwa Uwanja wa Uhuru utakuwa tayari umekamilika, hivyo inawezekana mechi hiyo ikachezwa kwenye uwanja huo,” alisema Wambura.

Ratiba hiyo inaonyesha kuwa, mzunguko wa kwanza utamalizika Novemba 5, huku ligi hiyo ikitarajiwa kufikia tamati Aprili Mosi mwakani na hivyo Simba na Yanga zitakutana kwenye mchezo wa mwisho kabisa wa ligi.
Michezo ya ufunguzi katika ligi hiyo itakuwa ni kati ya Villa Squad na Toto Africans kwenye Uwanja wa CCM Kirumba na Coastal dhidi ya Mtibwa kwenye Dimba la Mkwakwani, Tanga.

Katika michezo mingine, Kagera Sugar itavaana na Ruvu Shooting kwenye Uwanja wa Kaitaba, Polisi Dodoma itaanza na African Lyon kwenye Uwanja wa Jamhuri Dodoma na Azam itapepetana na Moro United kwenye Dimba la Chamanzi nje kidogo ya Jiji la Dar es Salaam.

Kuna habari kuwa, timu ya taifa ya vijana wenye umri wa chini ya miaka 20, Ngorongoro Heroes imealikwa nchini Botswana kushiriki michuano ya vijana ya Shirikisho la Vyama vya Soka Kusini mwa Afrika (Cosafa) itakayofanyika kuanzia Desemba Mosi hadi 10, mwaka huu.Huku ikibainishwa kuwa gharama zote ni za cosafa.


England huenda ikapambana na Brazil katika mchezo wa kirafiki wa ufunguzi wa mmoja wa viwanja vipya vitakaochezewa fainali za Kombe la dunia mwaka 2014.

Uwanja wa Maracana,Brazil katika ukarabati

Uwanja huo ambao unafanyiwa ukarabati mkubwa wa Mineirao katika mji wa Belo Horizonte utakamilika mwaka 2013 na katibu wa jimbo hilo anafikiri England ndio itakuwa timu muhimu ya kupambana nayo.
Sergio Barroso amesema: "Tunataka England kucheza na Brazil katika mchezo wa kirafiki kuufungua rasmi uwanja huo mpya."
Mechi ya mwisho kwa England katika mji wa Belo Horizonte ilikuwa mwaka 1950 walipofungwa 1-0 na Marekani katika Kombe la Dunia.
Uwanja huo unarekebishwa kuupa sura itakayovutia na kuwa na uwezo wa kuingiza watazamaji 65,000 na ndio utachezewa mechi ya ufunguzi wa Kombe la Dunia mwaka 2014.
Lakini kuna wasiwasi kwamba Rais wa Chama cha Soka cha Brazil Ricardo Teixeira, huenda asiruhusu kufanyika mechi hiyo ya kujipasha moto, hasa ikizingatiwa maneno aliyotamka kuhusiana na England pamoja na vyombo vyake vya habari.
Teixeira, ambaye pia ni mjumbe wa Kamati ya Utendaji ya Fifa, alisema Waingereza "walikuwa ni maharamia wanaotakiwa kwenda kuzimu".
Katibu Mkuu wa FA ya England, Alex Horne, wiki iliyopita alikwenda Rio de Janeiro kurekebisha uhusiano wa England na Brazil pamoja na Fifa, baada ya England kushindwa kupata nafasi ya kupata fursa ya kuandaa Kombe la Dunia la Mwaka 2018 .